Star Wars Style – Part 2: Belted Coat

photo: Lucie KučerOvá
STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail

I am happy you loved my monochromatic outfit so much. This is the second part of our fashion story. Since days are still pretty cold I am wearing my fave wool cardigan belted with a blue genuine leather belt on the long grey cotton coat which you could see in Part 1: Monochromatic outfit and which will definitely be awesome for the spring.

Burgundy Coat & Brown Midi Skirt

Photo: Miroslav Kirinovič
STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail


I realized that none of my fashion outfits were shot in the centre of Brno, my city. It’s probably because I actually do not get to the centre very often since I live by the Brno lake and my work is outside the centre as well. Luckily, we have weekends and so, when we were thinking of the place for our Sunday shooting with my photographer, I happily agreed on the idea to do some pics in the very old Brno centre. Thus, you now have a chance to see a bit more from my lovely city. These pretty photos were taken by Mirek, the photographer I have already collaborated with on shooting the fashion editorials and I was really pleased to cooperate with Mirek again. (more…)

Rose Pattern Textured Skirt

PHOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová
STYLING: Chic Cocktail
Model: Kate Ziegler

Rose Pattern Textured Skirt Outfit | Chic Cocktail

H&M rose pattern textured skirt, H&M grey cardigan with shimmer,
Primark brown T-shirt , Primark wool floppy hat, Primark over the knee boots,
Mango bag, Ritore cinammon leather bracelet / kožený náramek

This H&M skirt is one of my most favorite skirts. Can’t believe that I am wearing it in a fashion outfit for the first time now. I am sure you can imagine that this rose pattern textured skirt looks great in minimalistic black & white outfits with either a black or white top. You can also combine it with bold colors. However, would you decide to wear it with neutrals, such as grey and brown? It is probably not the typical first idea when you see this textured skirt. Well, that is why I picked these grey and brown pieces. To show you the versatility of the neutrals. We have had so many foggy days around Christmas which is when this outfit was shot. My wool floppy hat is a perfect companion in such grey foggy days. (more…)

Knee Ripped Jeans

 FOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová

STYLING, MODEL: Chic Cocktail, Kate Ziegler


Black Mango Jeans, H&M Cardigan, Caliope Sleeveless Shirt, Ritore belt/pásek, C&C Balerinas/, H&M Tote, Guess Watch, Etnia Barcelona glasses, Camaieu Bracelet, H&M Pearl Earrings


I love wearing ripped jeans too! And I like those ripped knee jeans. Even though the ripped knee jeans may seem like a very casual piece, it can be combined in very chic outfits. In my outfit I’me wearing a pair of black Mango jeans. To be specific, diy ripped knee jeans. I found my black Mango jeans a bit boring so I checked out some diy ripped knee jeans tutorials and said hello to my scissors. I love the result! (more…)

Long Red Maxi Dress & Ankle Heels

PHOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová

STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail


PROMOD maxi dress, F&F heels, Mango bag, Guess watch, RITORE leather bracelet

This long red maxi dress is probably my last summer outfit. Which obviously doesn’t mean you can’t wear a long maxi dress in lower temperatures. (more…)

Pastel Pants & Loose Top

PHOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová

STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail

_3730PROMOD Chinos pants, PROMOD scarf print top, RITORE red wine leather belt, LIZ CLAIBORNE red wine bag, ELLE sunglasses, GUESS watch

Who wouldn’t like pastels! Pastel clothes look wonderful in summer, especially on tanned skin. I haven’t got a tan but I love violet. And the Marsala red wine color too! Even though this outfit was shot another hot day, I felt very comfortable in it. It is all about the fabrics – e.g. these pastel pants were made to be worn in summer, I guess. The fabric feels so breathable! And roll up pants are a lovely trend. The loose top has a pretty scarf print and it turned extra chic with the Ritore skinny chain belt in red wine color. My marsala color handbag is matching the outfit perfectly.

Giveaway! Vyhrajte kožený pásek Ritore!

Zdravím všechny módní nadšence a věřím, že budete mít radost z této skvělé soutěže o kožený pásek Ritore – Fabe v barvě skořice. Pásek si možná pamatujete i z mého nedávného outfitu zde a na foto níže.


Co tedy musíte udělat pro získání tohoto luxusního doplňku? 

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Soutěžit můžete do konce června, kdy vylosuji 1 výherce. Losování bude pro prokázání fair play v na videu v přímém přenosu!!!

Všechny kožené doplňky Ritore jsou vyráběny v nejvyšší kvalite, ručně a úžasnou výhodou je nastavitelná velikost pásků. Tím pádem můžete pásek využít velmi univerzálně do kousků s nižším či vyšším pasem.


Sponzor Giveaway: Ritore

Photo & Make up: Eva Kejíková

Styling & Model: Kate Ziegler


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