Star Wars Style – Part 2: Belted Coat

photo: Lucie KučerOvá
STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail

I am happy you loved my monochromatic outfit so much. This is the second part of our fashion story. Since days are still pretty cold I am wearing my fave wool cardigan belted with a blue genuine leather belt on the long grey cotton coat which you could see in Part 1: Monochromatic outfit and which will definitely be awesome for the spring.

My cute planner by Lovemusic


At the beginning of February I was looking for the best weekly planner for me. You might say that I had a two-month or longer delay and you are right! I wanted to add one on my Christmas wishlist but I could not find the right one for me then. And with things you use every day it simply must be love at first sight or nothing! (more…)

Classy & Minimalist

Happy Sunday! Another article for Ritore on the topic How to wear Ritore belts is now up on the web. I’m talking about the important role the classy and minimalist fashion plays in your closet. And Ritore accessories are the perfect combination of classy & minimalist style and will match any trendy or timeless classy style.

Note: To read the article in English, just switch the language in the middle part of the menu on Ritore web.



Photo & Make up: Eva Kejíková

Styling & Model: Kate Ziegler



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