Best Winter Coat for My Body Shape

We’ve already had the first snowing this year! Such a cute white surprise when I looked out of the window after I woke up yesterday. This also reminded me of the fact that it’s time to change the trench and biker jacket for a nice warm winter coat. Do you have a quality one which looks simply awesome on you no matter what body shape you are?

If you have not found the right winter coat for you yet, you should rethink it and check out this guide which can help you find the best winter coat for your body shape.

Also, if you find any questions regarding your personal style, do not hesitate to contact me for a piece of good fashion advice. (more…)

My Body & Mind Christmas wish list 2017



Every year I prepare some ideas on Christmas beauty gifts so here is my Christmas wish list 2017. I always pick products which I personally love and which I have had good experience with already.

As some of you know I was working at Notino eshop for a couple of years which was not only a great working experience for me but there was even funnier part of it – getting to know the assortment. Imagine seeing the beauty offers every single day. No one would resist shopping! Now after all the opportunities to try out new things, I can say that I know what to pick among the huge amount of beauty consumer goods, and also, what I don’t want. (more…)

Sugar Body Scrub

Today I would like to talk a lot about sugar! How sweet, isn’t it? However, I’m not going to talk about baking sweets but body exfoliation with a sugar body scrub, and I also want to share my experience with a sugar paste hair removal. Who doesn’t want to enter the S/S season with silky smooth skin! As in the saying: ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’, it is essential to care of your body in cold season particularly.The temperature changes, layers of clothing, indoor heating… all this factors can cause dry skin and lack of its flexibility and softness. The easiest way to recover your skin is to follow a scrubbing routine.

Saturday Night Fever

Photo: Miroslav Kirinovič

Model: Eva Kejíková

Styling&Production: Kate Zieglerová

Makeup&Hair: Eva Kejíková

How about you? Have you set off to a party eager to dance all Saturday night? And what are you wearing? A party is a great opportunity to sparkle… However, be careful about the shiny fabrics or glitters on your party outfits! Unfortunately, they excel with a perfect skill which is to add several centimetres or kilos. Don´t worry, you can use this work for you! Pick stuff with glitter or shiny ornaments only on body-parts where you need to gain more width.

A co vy? Vyrazili jste protančit celou sobotní noc? A co máte na sobě? Kdy jindy se blýsknout než na večírek… Jen pozor na záludnost třpytivých ploch! Naneštěstí mají dokonalou schopnost přidat na šířce. Aby jste se v outfitu cítili a zároveň vypadali neodolatelně, volte flitry a lesk v menší míře a na menší ploše, a to v oblastech, kde potřebujete přidat.

Dress Vera Mont, black tights Calzedonia, heels CCC, clutch vintage, bracelets: thin one Bijou Bijou, thick one Reserved, ring Bijou Bijou

_95Q1492A (more…)

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