Sugar Body Scrub

Today I would like to talk a lot about sugar! How sweet, isn’t it? However, I’m not going to talk about baking sweets but body exfoliation with a sugar body scrub, and I also want to share my experience with a sugar paste hair removal. Who doesn’t want to enter the S/S season with silky smooth skin! As in the saying: ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’, it is essential to care of your body in cold season particularly.The temperature changes, layers of clothing, indoor heating… all this factors can cause dry skin and lack of its flexibility and softness. The easiest way to recover your skin is to follow a scrubbing routine.

There is a variety of body scrubs available on the market. As I suffer from sensitive skin especially in relation to depilation, I was advised to try out a gentle sugar body scrub. You can even make a natural body scrub with sugar at home. I personally started my sugar body exfoliation routine after my first salon experience with sugar paste hair removal. I must say that sugar paste removal is a very gentle way to remove hair with smooth skin lasting for weeks. Seriously! However, if your skin is allergic, you might still have an allergic reaction after the sugar paste removal no matter how gentle the process is. But! Starting a body exfoliation routine (and repeating every second day) can help a lot! I can tell you from my own experience. Thanks to the body sugar scrub, skin cells revive quickly and all irritation disappears within a few days. I bought this Sweet secret by FARMONA and it is simply amazing. Love the dark chocolate and pistachio nuts in it. And its scent tempts you to eat the product in the shower, lol! It is easy to use. Massage the area until the sugar melts on you.
Also, I would definitely love to get the practise in sugaring hair removal at home. To be able to cook the diy sugar paste in the exact way which enables me to do the precise body sugaring needs some practise. I will definitely update you on how it is going. Meanwhile, here is one pick which works for me on smaller areas. It is a Bio Epil sugar paste by Purity Vision.







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