Jil Sander – Perfume Review


When you hear Jil Sander, the first think you imagine is probably MINIMALISM and Jil Sander designer as a minimalist cult representative. Besides this, Jil Sander fashion house has created almost 60 own fragrances.
The one which I am going to review here is JIL Sander Jil 2009 and there is a story behind my Jil Sander perfume. This perfume was a gift and you know, when given a scent you have never tried, you do not expect much. I actually unpacked the Jil Sander perfume only a few weeks later since I got it, on 2015 Christmas Eve.

The scent of this Jil Sander perfume surprised me very positively and became my top fragrance discovery this winter and also a perfect (not only) winter scent since it is a musky perfume. You can smell musk rather intensively, also the accords of warm vanilla, pink pepper and lavender, my fave scent. The composition of this perfume also says it includes orris, tangerine, amber and lily of the valley.
If you read a perfume review, you will find out that this Jil Sander perfume is considered a very powdery scent. When I wear this it, I perceive
it more like a balanced composition of sweet and warm notes with a sexy spicy ending, which I love.
I am happy to hear compliments when wearing this scent. Pavlína, my friend, colleague and my outfit photographer has put this Jil Sander perfume on her ‘must have’list and she seriously reminds me every day that the scent fascinates her – sometimes even half a day after I had applied it in the morning when I myself can’t smell it any more. So this means the scent sticks on me which is another good thing.
The bottle of this Jil Sander perfume is very elegant and minimalistic.
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