Paphos, Cyprus: Bikini On

phOTO: Tom dilhof

LOcAtion: lighthouse getaway apartments, paphos, cyprus

So excited to visit another island this summer! There is something attractive about the places surrounded only by the sea waves. Islands are definitely an exotic kind of holiday. The next thing I admire here, is that islanders are forced to protect their country and copy with its valnurable ecosystem all the time. We can learn a lot from local habits as tourists.

Vacation mode!

Happy Monday! For the lucky ones in my country the summer holiday has just begun. I belong to the work obsessed individuals so I’ll maybe take just a single day off from time to time, as I did today, and that’s it. Anyway, Chic Cocktail has not been just me, Kate, for quite a time already… It’s a team work. Well, now, you might have noticed there was no outfit post up at the weekend. My dear photographer, Pavlína, is now enjoying her vacation – in peace and quiet of the mountains. We only managed to shoot the outfit and Pavla was so kind and sent me one of the photos right before her departure. So you can look forward to see the rest of the outfit some time after the 7th July. I guess you’ll like it very much because you’ll be able to see Risa again. Remember who’s this lovely model Risa? If not, check Pastel & Floral Cutout post. In the meanwhile period I’m preparing a beauty review and, after a very very long time, a home decor post about how I redesigned a part of my flat into a home office with a dining corner. Have a great week!

pozn. česká verze níže ↓↓


FOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová

STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail


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