How to Apply Highlighter

‘Your blush makeup looks amazing. How do you do that?’ I have received this compliment for a few times recently. So I decided to do a post about how to do blush makeup. It is actually both a bronzer pearls review and a tutorial on how to apply highlighter.

Picking blush makeup which matches your skin tone can be quite tricky. You can resolve it by bronzing pearls product since it contains creamy pearls of more color shades. Applying the mixture on your face it gets a natural shiny look. Your cheeks will glow thanks to the highlighting beads – the lightest ones with a shimmering golden undertone.
The secret of the perfect blush makeup is more like about how to do that. In the following steps I’ll describe how to put on blush and how to apply highlighter.

How to apply highlighter?

You will need a makeup brush and a blush brush. I use 2 in 1 brush from H&M Beauty.

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Obviously, the very first step is to apply your favorite foundation. You can fix it with a powder but I use the 3 in 1 corrective make up so I don’t need powdering. Now I get the color mixture on my blush brush.

A little disadvantage of the bronzer pearls might be that the beads stuck in your brush. It is thus better to use a bit harder bristle brush. I have a very soft brush so it sometimes ends up with dropping a bead in the basin. Nevertheless, I apply the blush under my cheekbone so that the color ends under my cheekbone line.

blush applicating3    Bronzer 2


The place above my cheekbone is where I put the highlighter. My way how to apply highlighter from the pearl bronzer is just picking one light golden pearl and crushing it in my palm. Then I apply a little of the powdered highligter between my cheekbone and the undereye area.

My cheeks are glowing in the light because my blush makeup reflects it. It looks very chic.

 Highlighter applicatingHighlighter



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