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Učím ženy stylově se oblékat i nakupovat podle typu postavy. Brno & JM kraj. (po domluvě Praha)

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Summer Denim

Do you belong to the ‘I love jeans’ team and wear it on any jean appropriate occasion? If your answer is yes, you probably do not hesitate to style denim even in summer. Though original denim material is quite heavy, fortunately there are lots of lighter weight denim fabrics ideal for summer. Actually, we can […]

Paphos, Cyprus: Sea Caves

phOTO: TOM DILHOF LOcation: St. georges, sea caves, coral bay It was the most unexpected, exhausting but the very best trip during our stay at Paphos, Cyprus. We did not expect any long hiking so packed just with swimsuit, beach umbrella, snorkel, a little water and no food (relying on local refreshment sources) we changed […]

Paphos, Cyprus: Bikini On

phOTO: Tom dilhof LOcAtion: lighthouse getaway apartments, paphos, cyprus So excited to visit another island this summer! There is something attractive about the places surrounded only by the sea waves. Islands are definitely an exotic kind of holiday. The next thing I admire here, is that islanders are forced to protect their country and copy […]

My Travel Essentials List

I have probably never been traveling in a summer that much as this year. Most of my journeys in July and August were for business since I was a trainee in Prague fashion stores. However, I was packing almost every week for a couple of days. Luckily, the best is yet to come and I […]

Natura Siberica Shampoo Review

Natura Siberica shampoo & conditioner for colored and damaged hair   My demands on ethical and quality standarts of beauty products have increased over the past 2 years. Before I purchase a cosmetic product, I explore its brand’s philosophy, origin, ethical values. More information about production process is provided, more trustful it becomes in my […]

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