The white shirt

There are many styling tips that can make your life easier. Although some of the tricks have been here for ages and most of us are familiar with them, new trends are coming and seem to confuse us sometimes a bit. Fortunately, even in fashion there are some things that will always work for us timelessly and if we spice them up with those trends, we get the chic stylish look.

Basic pieces are unfailing sources of combinations. A WHITE SHIRT is a necessary must have basic wardrobe piece. We simply all need one classic button down white shirt because it is the instant solution for our “I’ve got nothing to wear” in front of a full wardrobe. Wearing a white shirt for a job interview, first day at work, a (formal) dinner, a theatre performance… makes the easiest and always appropriate choice.

Since we can make thousands of outfit variations with a white shirt, it is very efficient to get more of them. If we already own a basic white shirt in a classic cut, we can experiment with the design.

Where do I buy a classic button down white shirt?

A basic white shirt can be found in retails offering BASICS collections. You can easily find them online on ASOS or purchase a designer one that will serve you well for decades, e.g. on My Theresa.

Mix and match your white shirt with trendy pieces for different looks

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White shirt

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