Jam Jars

Maybe I’ve got a little obsession about the little re-discoveries, DIY stuff and turning old stuff into new. Because let’s admit it, anyone can buy new things which end up in garbage after some time. Now think about how many tins, cans and jars we throw away regularly.

You might have noticed, you might not but I did… this summer literally said: restore the empty glass bottles and fill them up with summer cocktails! And I started looking at the small glass containers in a different way and fell in love with these jam jars too. How simple but visually perfect is a summer drink with fruits in a renovated jam jar! Check out what I’ve used the empty glass bottles for and some more inspo ideas you can fill up the small glass containers with… ice coffee, soft drinks, mojitos,shakes, oats, puddings, desserts, cheesecakes…

How cool a drink looks in a jam jar!

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