Wr Lens Color Lenses Review


WrLens_color_lenses_before_afterMy natural eye color on the left  vs. Esmeralda color lenses in my eyes


Have you ever dreamt about changing your looks within seconds? Surprising others with a bright new image? Literally make your face glow? How about an eyes color change? It is so easy! All you need to do is to pick a color you love, order your color lenses online and then just apply them in a few seconds.

Color Contact Lenses from Wr Lens

As I’ve been already mentioning in my beauty posts, I am a daily contact lenses wearer. So when I got an opportunity to test the color lenses, I got very excited and decided to take a visible eyes color change and ordered annual green lenses from Wr Lens – the Natural Colors Esmeralda. You simply pick the color lenses you like and eye diopter power for your eyes. All will be manufactured exactly according to your needs and demands.

For me it is such a fun to be able to have emerald green eyes when I have a mood for a distinctive look! Wr Lens is a color contact lenses distributor from Brasil shipping internationally. I would like to thank them for their great service and assistance! Now let me share my experience with the Wr Lens color lenses and some useful advice too.

Natural Colors – color Esmeralda

The natural color of my eyes is hazel. More brown in the interior with a hint of green at sunlight. The Esmeralda color lenses from Wr Lens look stunning and perfectly cover the natural color of my eyes. If I wanted to have a less dramatic effect to enhance my naturally hazel color only, I would have picked the Amber Natural Colors contact lenses from Wr Lens.

As to the application and wearing, the annual color lenses are made of a little bit thicker gel. So if you are used to two-week disposable contact lenses like me, you might first feel some difference during the manipulation. Compared to my soft contact lenses, it is actually easier to put the color lenses into your eye cause its shape basically remains the same and it does not fold so much. After you put in the lens you might feel a little discomfort due to the reason I mentioned above. But there should be no pain and it is only the matter of getting used to that.

Since I work in front of a PC screen the whole day, I bought eye drops for the contact lenses wearers. This helps hydrate my eyes and has made wearing my color lenses completely comfortable.
If you’ve been thinking about the eyes color change or you just want to enhance your natural eye color, I can only say go for the color lenses! I’ve been enjoying them a lot! Let me know what you think about my new green eyes and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult me in the comments below or via the contact form.

Wr_Lens_color_lenses_Esmeralda_portrait_makeup_2Red Cherry Eyelashes

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