Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Photoshoot


As a fashion stylist I love both personal styling with all the way to find my clients’ personal style and also fashion editorial styling with lots of space for creativity and extravagance when styling a model for fashion photo shoot.

When you look at a fashion story in a fashion magazine, do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of the fashion photo shoot? What if I can show you a backstage video before publishing the final fashion story here? (more…)

Summer dress shooting backstage

 We are now looking forward to the results of our Summer dress trends fashion shooting. Until it is perfectly ready for you, check some bacstage pics.

Již se těšíme na výsledek našeho posledního módního focení speciálu zaměřeného na trendy šaty letošního léta. Zatím se můžete kouknout na pár záběrů ze zákulisí.backstage1Backstage2 (more…)

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