Zebra Print Dress







Happy New Year 2017!

Hope you all entered the new year with new energy. As soon as I went back to work after the holidays, the claim ‘New Year, New Me’ in connection with the beauty industry was popping out at me everywhere. It made me start thinking about why we all are so obsessed with having a change of our appearance. We have become obsessed with getting rid of all imperfections, or at least cover them.

Why not start the ‘New Me’ from the inside out and see what happens with the looks then. Easy to say, hard to do, I know. However, I believe that clearing your mind can positively reflect your looks. You might say that a fashion stylist cares more about what’s on you than in you. Not exactly. Remember that your style reflects your personality. Finding the self-balance and awareness of what you want in your life is the key to finding your personal style.


Zebra Print Dress

I love animals. I won’t eat them but I will definitely wear animal prints. Look at this zebra print dress! Isn’t it pretty! Its design is as extraordinary as the unique furniture by Kare Design. I love that this sheat cocktail dress is a very elegant cut and at the same time the zebra print adds sensuality to it.
You can wear this zebra print sheat cocktail dress both to a party in a bit extravagant way, e.g. I am wearing it with statement necklace and lace-up silver metallic sandals. For more formal occassions, combine an animal print dress with a smart blazer, fine jewelry and a pair of pumps.


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