What to do with such a view!




You may remember my post with my dreamy home office design – Home office in which I explained that I would like to re-arrange my work corner but that the reality will not follow my dream office design because I own a very cute but a little destructive predator… can be seen here – Shaddie, a Russian Blue Cat ^^. Nevertheless, I incorporated another task into the reconstruction… not that it has been not difficult as itself to think out a practical plus beautiful (and affordable!) solution. This another thing is that I have realized I really would like to have my work-desk at the window. You can see the view from my dining/work room in the photo on the right and above… Well, ok, I know it is not the Alpes or NY city viewed from the thirtieth floor. Any pleasant feeling you can get out of the place you live in is worth it, I believe. During my working process I have found myself having stood up from my work desk which is now facing the wall and turning my sight the other way out of the window several times.  How relaxing, inspirative, feng-shui and whatever else is working seeing green in front of you! I would have been practicing this long since I moved here if there were not for the radiator under the windowsill.


My room I want to rebuild.


 A useful inspo from net how to build a desk above the radiator.

Then I came across these desks built over the radiator to hide it and function at the same time. I hope it is the right idea how to fulfill all my demands. I will spare space, I will keep warm, calm and delighted by the view. Just one detail now… to find time and then a cabinet maker who will make my dream desk true.

I can´t wait to have it done and style the surrounding of my work room. Here are some looks I love.


Psací stůl nad radiátor27c9eada93f3576d74a424cea318a52a





Finally, I would like to show you this awesome lamp by French company VICAL HOME. I love the vintage look!

vical home lamp

Where I go for inspiration:




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