Stop Sweating


During the extreme hot days a lot of us are trying to find ways to stop sweating. The daily commuting to work may turn into an unpleasant experience since unfortunately, there are still those who do not even try to stop excessive sweating.
One would say a ‘free deodorant samples’ campaign right on the public transportation means would be a great idea.

Getting a product to reduce sweating effectively is simply a neccessity (not only) on these summer days. I decided to do some research studying some ‘perspirant reviews’ and do a test for you to be able to bring you the possibly best product to stop sweating too much.

Luckily, I came across a really useful review on how to control sweating. The test included both drugstore and clinical products and also involved the issue of ‘antiperspirant vs. deodorant’.

The test results show that Rexona Maximum Protection anti perspirant meets the criteria of the best ‘stop sweating’solution being both effective and sensitive in comparison to some strong chemical perspirants (such as Perspirex or Driclor).

I tried out the product and as it is probably evident from my photos I’ve been happily using the Rexona anti perspirants a lot since then.
I got myself the Rexona Maximum Protection which is available at different scents varieties. It is creamy and works best when applied for night. Then the anti perspirant effect lasts longer.

And I also bought the Rexona solid anti perspirants. Its smaller package is light and I can just drop it into my handbag.
I must say that I hardly ever like the scent of any deodorants so I find the scents of Rexona products fresh and unobtrusive.
Make sure you always take some time to let the anti perspirant dry properly before you dress on.

What are your tips how to reduce sweating in hot summer months? Antiperspirant vs deodorant – which one works better for you?
Looking forward to your comments. Enjoy the late summer!


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