A Quick Peek at Laser Hair Removal

In my recent post Smooth legs with sugar paste I shared my experience with sugaring hair removal technique which I have been myself practising at home. This is definitely not where my exploration in hair removal techniques ends and thus I would also like to share some facts about even more effective technique to remove hair which is laser hair removal. So, let’s take a quick peek at some useful findings about laser hair removal.

The most common methods for getting rid of unwanted body hair at home are, of course, either shaving or waxing. Some people think those are convenient options simply because they can be done at home. However, many people feel that those methods are time consuming and inconvenient compared to other options, especially laser hair removal treatments. Let’s take a quick peek at why they feel that way.


Laser Hair Removal is Only Mildly Uncomfortable

One of the things that many people like about having laser treatment to get rid of body hair is that it’s only mildly uncomfortable. It may cause your skin to feel a little warm. In some cases you may even experience a slight feeling like a static electricity shock. But it’s nothing compared to the pain you might experience when trying to wax unwanted body hair away on your own at home.


Laser Procedures Can Reduce Hair Growth

Another reason that hair removal devices are so popular is that they can actually reduce hair growth in two ways. The first is that it can take a long time between sessions for the hair to grow back. While shaving might get rid of hair for a few days, lasers can keep it from growing back for one or two weeks. That’s because the lasers get rid of the hair all the way down to the follicle, while shaving only removes surface hair.

The second hair reduction you may notice is that the hair that does eventually grow back could be lighter in color. There could also be less of it. That thinning and lightness can make the hair less obvious. So, you won’t have to be as worried or embarrassed over it.


You Can Save a Lot of Time by Having Laser Treatment

Another major argument in favor of having laser treatment to remove hair is that it can save you quite a bit of time. It might not seem like it at first. After all, each appointment takes about an hour, and you also have to factor in driving time. However, the time you will not have to spend waxing and shaving can more than make up for that, especially when you consider how long you can go between laser therapy sessions.


There Are Usually No Lasting Side Effects of Laser Appointments

If you choose to have laser hair removal, you can also look forward to a quick recovery, at least in the vast majority of cases. There are almost never any major side effects. The worst side effects are blisters and burns, but they usually only occur in cases where people are treated by a laser that isn’t appropriate for their skin type. As long as you go to a certified clinic with well-trained technicians, the biggest issue you should have is some redness or minor swelling for an hour or two after your treatment is done.

If you do decide to have laser hair removal, always weigh your options well. There are many different clinics and machines out there. It’s important to find one that matches well with both your budget and your skin’s needs. Since everyone’s situation is different, it’s vital that you consult with skincare experts before you settle on one.

Have you already tried laser hair removal treatment? Let me know your findings!