Pink Bag & Winter Accessories

PHOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová

STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail

Winter_Accessories, Front_Tie_CardiganTensione In front tie Cardigan, Primark Scarf, Lindex Jeans, F&F Boots

The wool cap from this outfit was my everyday essential for the past two weeks. First, I had some strange earache. Second, the temperature dropped below zero at last.

So it was quite fast process this shooting and funny too. We were shivering in the strong cold wind with my hair blowing into my face most of the time. Anyway, I packed all myself into wool clothing. My front tie cardigan is a lovely warm piece and I took my winter accessories (I got them years ago in Florida) from the bottom part of my closet for the first time this fall. You could see how I wore the cardigan in spring in my Cardigan and Londsale outfit post.

The bold pink bag brightens up the whole winter outfit. Everytime you feel that the outfit lacks something special, a piece in bold colors is the right pick. Yes, I confess that even though the pink bag was love at first sight when shopping in London Candem Town, I wear it really occassionally. However, whenever I feel that my outfit is boring, here comes the perfect reason to grab the pink bag accessory.

Winter_AccessoriesWool_Clothing, Pink_BagWool_CapPink_BagWool_Accessories_Nail_Polish_Detail

Orly Nail Polish Mini Color Royal Velvet

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