Blouse on Dress

PHOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová

STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail


Zara blouse/halenka – Sales, H&M tulle dress/tylové šaty – old, Bulaggi purse/kabelka, Promod necklace/náhrdelník, Earrings – vintagePRIMARK bracelet/náramek, Deichmann sandals/sandály

Hi my dear fashionistas! What do you think about this outfit? Have you noticed anything peculiar? You might say there is something about the blouse! Looks like needs ironing! You are perfectly right! But I bet I’m not the only one who manages to buy such a piece made of so ‘wrinkle-resistant’ fabric. Yes, I call myself a stylist, an expert regarding clothes. I’m able to help you find your style, provide advice on how to dress up to compliment your figure and get the best results for any occasion. I can tell you which pieces are worth investment and which ones you better avoid. I am able to organize your closet and show you how to combine your pieces into new attractive outfits, how to make the most out of nothing regarding clothes. But I am neither textile expert, nor dress maker and not even a fashion designer. So next time we’ll be shopping together and I’ll be telling you: ‘This blouse looks like wrinkle-resistant and will stay perfectly neat all day long’, please never trust me! Otherwise you probably end up crumpled like me in the photos after wearing the blouse to work! One big LOL! (more…)

Sweatshirt + Blouse

One of my first selfie outfit inspo on blog right now! Combine styles… wear a sporty sweat shirt with an elegant blouse, skirt. Statement necklace gives the right finish to it to show you mean it! Do you like it?

Jedna z mých prvních inspo selfie je tu! Kombinujte styly… oblečte sportovní mikinu na lehkou elegantní blůzu, k tomu sukni a výrazný náhrdelník bude tou správnou tečkou a vyjádřením, že váš outfit myslíte vážně! Líbí?


Zara Paris Town of Love print sweatshirt

Style with:

457156 P00122953--STANDARD

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