How I Get Wavy Hair without Heat

Photo from my video How I Get Wavy Hair Without Heat


Most of my beauty reviews on Chic Cocktail blog are focused on hair care products which actually corresponds to my obsession with hair styles, or more specifically hair color, experiments. I need to admit that I really have gone through a couple of different hair styles in the past years. You can even see the proof in my post ‘My different hairstyles’. Altogether with my main passion, which is fashion obviously, I can see the picture of me quite clearly. Once I’m all dressed up and my hair is fine, I feel good. My makeup is a secondary issue. A healthy diet and calm mind is my best skincare. If my skin in in good condition, I do not burden it with makeup, usually. My mornings are all about my outfit, accessories and the hair! (Well… ok, plus eyebrows and mascara).

How I Get Wavy Hair without Heat using Curl Honey by Schwarzkopf Professional

At the moment, my hairgoals are to get back to long hair from my long bob. The shoulder lenght is a bit complicated for styling. After washing my hair is a bit wavy so I need to decide between curling or straightening it. Fortunately, I discovered this Curl Honey hair styling product in summer when my hair stylist recommended it to me to reach beach waves easily. I kept using the product except I apply it more properly into my hair cause I don’t want wet hair effect now in winter. Please, watch my video tutorial How I Get Wavy Hair… to see how I apply Curl Honey product into my hair. It can turn my uneven waves into some shape and I also think the product formula can make them a bit curly.

However, I need to say that Curl Honey styling product proved to be a no heat friend since I tried applying it after I curled my hair with an iron. There were no more curls in less than an hour. If your hair tends to get natural waves, try out this styling cream without heat. It is a quick way to a nice natural wavy look.

Watch my video How I get Wavy Hair without Heat and see my hair before and after application of Curl Honey by Schwarzkopf Professional including all the steps to get the look!