Remington Iron that Curls & Straightens

Remington Pro Sleek & Curl review

I got a new hair styling tool as a Christmas gift. It is Remington PRO Sleek & Curl and I love the way it treats my hair.
Until know I owned just the classic straightener which was great but I tried using it for creating curls for a couple of times.
I didn’t fail but it used to take too much time and effort.

How to curl with hair iron

With my new styling tool I am ready in a few minutes when I straighten my hairand in up to 20 minutes if I curl it. The edges of Remington hair iron are curved which helps reaching amazing natural roundness to my curls. I’ve got quite thick hair so for curling my hair I divide it in lots of locks first. Then I curl each section separately.
I pick more or less thick sections so that the result looks natural.

How to get curls to stay

My hair stylist taught me a trick to make my curls last longer. After I create a lock with the iron, I curl it with a finger and wait until it cools down. Then it is good to spray the lock with a hair spray and let it rest on shoulder until the rest of the hair is done. However, I do not want to burden my hair with a hairspray so I just finish curling my hair and I apply just a little bit of a hair styling cream and separate curls with my fingers. I just realized that I forgot to mention which products I use before I style my hair with the iron to protect it. I always massage a drop of hair oil into my ends, I love Macadamia Oil Extract. I also recommend using a quality heat protection product.

I am wearing a curly hairstyle in my latest How to style winter scarves video and I also plan recording a tutorial on curling my hair with this Remington iron so keep updated for new videos on my youtube channel. If you are interested in no heat ways to curl your hair, check out my post How I Get Wavy Hair without Heat.

slim ceramic plates for smooth strokes

curved edges for easy curling

 control display for temperature 150 – 230 C with temperature lock


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