Burgundy Coat & Brown Midi Skirt

Photo: Miroslav Kirinovič
STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail


I realized that none of my fashion outfits were shot in the centre of Brno, my city. It’s probably because I actually do not get to the centre very often since I live by the Brno lake and my work is outside the centre as well. Luckily, we have weekends and so, when we were thinking of the place for our Sunday shooting with my photographer, I happily agreed on the idea to do some pics in the very old Brno centre. Thus, you now have a chance to see a bit more from my lovely city. These pretty photos were taken by Mirek, the photographer I have already collaborated with on shooting the fashion editorials and I was really pleased to cooperate with Mirek again. (more…)

Long Cape & Knit Turtleneck

Foto: Lucie KučerOvá
STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail


At the weekend it looked like spring with the sun shining and rather warm for January. Such a change from the frosty days and even snowy surprises which I miss a lot. I planned to go skiing but everything has been changing so fast recent days! We only started enjoying the real winter when the white beauty melted in no time. The irony is that lately even my personal life has been corresponding to this weather with the unexpected changes. And the funny thing is that I do not change anything intentionally.
Life is full of changes and changes often come without asking. The best you can do about an unexpected change is to turn it into a profit. For example, enjoy a nice stroll in the city in the weekend sunny afternoon.

Pink Bag & Winter Accessories

PHOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová

STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail

Winter_Accessories, Front_Tie_CardiganTensione In front tie Cardigan, Primark Scarf, Lindex Jeans, F&F Boots

The wool cap from this outfit was my everyday essential for the past two weeks. First, I had some strange earache. Second, the temperature dropped below zero at last. (more…)

Rose Print & Faux Leather Shorts

PHOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová

STYLING, MODEL: Kate Ziegler – Chic Cocktail

Rose Print & Faux Leather Shorts | Chic Cocktail

Bonobo Jeans coat, Rose print Reserved sweatshir, Amisu black skorts – similar HERE, Calliope white sleeveless shirt, F&F pantyhose, H&M leopard print B&W scarf, Primark knee high boots, Primark handbag, H&M pearl jewelry, Camaieu braid bracelet


Take it higher with Over the Knee High Boots

This very sexy trend of over the knee high boots is a fall/winter must have. Knee high boots are an exclusively feminine issue and can make your legs incredibly long. This year knee high rocks it inh the suede of diverse colors – grey, brown, orange, wine red… I got myself a pair of black suede knee high boots and I absolutely love them. You can see me wearing them in my Knee High post. If you are also ready to wear the over the knee high boots in different styles, check out more inspo outfits. You can also find some shopping tips where to get your pefect pair of the above the knee boots below. Go knee high and enjoy wearing skirts and dresses no matter how cold it is!

Over the knee boots

F/W 2015/16 Trends – source Pinterest



Knee High

pHOTO: Pavlína Muzikářová

STYLING, MODEL: Chic Cocktail, Kate Ziegler


H&M Coat, Stradivarius Checked Scarf, Reserved Skirt, Primark Suede Knee, High Boots, Caprice Bag,  F&F tights

Hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful fall! I’m a skirt lover no matter how cold it is outside. Over the knee high boots are thus an essential for me. I was looking for the right ones that would fit my “a bit too slim legs” for some time and now I was lucky to find these suede knee high boots when shopping in Wien Primark again. They were also selling the knee high heels but lately I’ve been in a rush all the time so I prefer the flat knee high boots. You can wear them on bare legs, or with dark stockings and tights.

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