Olympia Style Days 2017

photo: Petr Coufal
event: Olympia Style Days


Wow! I feel so honoured and excited to be the part of Style Days as a personal stylist! For me, this is a new way to work with a client. I need to fit an outfit to a client’s personality and body type right at the moment they visit the Style Days spot. This is amazing challenge for a stylist and great accomplishment to make the client happy with the look. What is the most common clients’ reaction to their new look? (more…)

Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Photoshoot


As a fashion stylist I love both personal styling with all the way to find my clients’ personal style and also fashion editorial styling with lots of space for creativity and extravagance when styling a model for fashion photo shoot.

When you look at a fashion story in a fashion magazine, do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of the fashion photo shoot? What if I can show you a backstage video before publishing the final fashion story here? (more…)